Take the HSK!

What is the HSK?

The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Language Proficiency Exam), or HSK, is China’s only standardized test for non-native Chinese language students. Administered by Hanban, the HSK has six levels, each of which test a student’s listening, grammar, reading, and writing. The HSK is a comprehensive exam designed to test both the student’s level of knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language as well as the student’s ability to communicate in Chinese.

In addition to the comprehensive HSK, there is also the Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi (Spoken Chinese Language Proficiency Exam), or HSKK, which has three levels and is used to test a student’s speaking ability.  This test is independent from the HSK and totally optional.


Why take the test?

In addition to being the only standardized test of Chinese language proficiency recognized and originating from China, the HSK is a challenging yet rewarding way to test your Chinese language abilities.  With six levels, there is an appropriate test for every level of Chinese language students.

HSK certification can also be used to attend courses and schools in China or prove competency to your future employers.  Moreover, NMSU students who have passed the HSK 3 are eligible for our scholarship to study in China.



Currently, NMSU offers written exams only.  Practice your 汉字 hanzi !

Registration fees vary depending on the level you wish to take.  We currently offer the HSK twice every semester.


HSK registrations for Spring 2018 are now closed.


Interested in taking the test?  Contact us!

You can call or email us for more information, or register for the test in our office.