Contemporary Chinese Rock Suggested by NMSU-CI Speakers Series

Check it out!  On April 11, 2017, Matt Clark gave an entertaining and comprehensive talk on Chinese rock’n’roll all the way up until today’s third wave of Chinese rock.  Those who would like to learn more, or those who simply enjoy good tunes, should check out Matt Clark’s recommendations below.



First on the list is Chen Hongyu 陈鸿宇, who hails from Inner Mongolia.  Click here to check out his first album, “Poetic Radio in Thick Green Smoke”.  This is for fans of Chinese folk and folk rock, or anyone looking for a subdued listen.

confucius institute chinese rock nmsu matt clark



Second is Tongue 舌头, who are based in Urumqi.  This is some punk/rock with electronic elements.  Their new album, “Primitive People Love Air Conditioning Association,” can be listened to by clicking here.




Matt Clark’s final suggestion is SUBS, a Beijing-based art rock/psychedlic rock band with electronic and emo elements mixed in.  You can check out their music video below, or click here to listen to their 2014 album, “yoU arE yoU.”

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